Yijin Li

Master's Alumni

M.S. Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, 2019
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, 2018

During undergraduate study at U of Rochester, Yijin investigated the electrochemical properties of Hydroxyapatites which is a calcium phosphate, commonly found on bone tissue. she also performed a series of reactions to coat single or multiple layers of Hydroxyapatite on metals using electrochemical deposition instruments. In addition, she served as Teaching Assistant for Chemical Reactor Design, Thermodynamics and Chemical Process Analysis. At Columbia University, Yijin studiedĀ on the Chemical Engineering side of Energy and Environmental; as well as research under Dr. Chris Boyce and study the multiphase flow behavior with various computational tools.

Yijin is interested in Pen&Ink drawings, jogging and reading in her free time.