Michael W. Jordan

Visiting Researcher

B.S./B.A. Chemical Engineering, Tuskegee University, 2023

After graduating from Tuskegee University, I pursued a career in engineering which led me to a Geoscience and Physics internship at Auburn University. While working with Richard Vachula and Paul Ohno, I researched ash particles from recent wildfires to see the changes in the particle structure when oxidized in the atmosphere. My networking connections from Tuskegee University led me to Chris Boyce who had a research position open in his Chemical Engineering lab at Columbia University. Now, I am researching structured bubbling coalescence using ​​Silicone Oil. Following this research position, I plan on pursuing my doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering specializing in Environmental Sustainability.

Outside of Chemical Engineering I am interested in fashion, cinematography, and abstract art which I express through my creativity when coming up with experiments.