Jagan Mohan

PhD Student

M. Tech Mechanical Engineering (Thermal and Fluids Engineering), Indian Institute  of Technology Bombay, India

After the M.Tech, I worked on the CFD team at CD-adapco and gained proficiency in using the commercial software package STAR-CCM+ for industrial cases.

I have a good understanding of CFD, its code development and associated numerics and also, used various multiphase models during my stint at CD-adapco. The scope of my work planned for the doctoral program is aimed at developing an insight into inter–particle forces arising from, but not limited to, van der Waals interactions, frictional electrostatics etc. and also to understand the unique aspects of the forces arising from pendular liquid bridges among the particles due to the injected liquid’s surface tension and viscosity. I intend to use both MRI technique and computational modeling to generate a better understanding of multiphase granular flows.